Monday, December 22, 2008

method actor

She is still keen on pretending she's a cat. And ever since I busted her for using words in a human way during one of her cat spells, she's been VERY consistent about keeping in feline character.

Yesterday, she was walking around meowing, doing her [weird] thing. It was decided that we should wash her face before we headed out, so Chuck approached her with a wet cloth.

"MEEEOOOW!" in protest. Then "meOW meOW MEOW!" She was careful to not use any words. This went on with some wrestling and more emphatic meows of displeasure before she finally broke and yelled, "NO DADDY! DO NOT WASH MY FACE!" He told her it had to be done and continued wiping her face as she thrashed from side to side.

Pushed to her limit, she reared back, put up her hands like boxing paws... and hissed.

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congercrew said...

You know, Savannah was a cat for over a year! Finally she told me that when she was four she would stop being a cat, and even though that was still 3 months away I gave up trying to make her quit meowing, and the day she turned 4 she stopped.