Friday, March 13, 2009

but what about me?

Mama: Caroline, did you know that today is Mama and Daddy's anniversary?

Caroline: Anna-verserry!! I love that day!

M: Do you know what an anniversary is?

C: No, what's an anna-versry?

M: It's kinda like a birthday. It is the day we got married, and we remember it once a year.

C: That's great!!

M: Aw, thank you.

C: Did you get me a present??


Laurie said...

Did you tell her "Mama and Daddy ARE your present, kid"???

Or "the baby Mama is growing in her tummy is the best present EVER"?? :)

Jennifer said...

Ha! She's so neutral about the baby (not excited, not huffy, just like "whatevs, sure"), she'd probably ask for a gift receipt.

piecemeal people said...

Just lookin' out for no. 1... ;)

Do you laugh all day long? This kid cracks me right up!

Tabitha said...

Too cute!

Today is my parents' 27th anniversary, too! Happy Anna-versry.

PS - Not even sure where I found your blog, but I pretty much love it. Your kid is hilarious.

Lindsey said...

Happy Anniversary!