Saturday, March 7, 2009

the little feminist

She wandered upstairs and found her dad taking a nap on the couch in the den. Apparently, she curled up with him and was enjoying the quiet time. He's been working some long hours lately, so it's not surprising that she was enjoying being around her dad.

I left the living room to go up and report something to him, and I was greeted with great toddler hostility.

"Moooo-oooom! Can you please go out? I want to take a nap with my dad! Can you please leave?"

She was visibly irritated. So I tried to bother her even more because I am less mature than she is. "I have to tell Daddy something." And I pulled at the chair as if I was going to sit down and join them.

She whined "SPACE. Sppppaaaaaaaaace! We need space!"

I was enjoying this way too much and said "Uh no, I am here for a reason."

This was met with more frowns. And the kicker. "Can you just go back to your kitchen or something?"


piecemeal people said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I can sympathize - my three-year-old calls me "the cooker girl."

Jennifer said...

Aaaagh! Cooker girl, haha.

canchaser_412 said...

wow that is awesome.....