Monday, March 2, 2009

transposing the lesson

She's been a relatively easy toddler. Never had a tantrum (really). But she's started the approaching-3-whines lately. So I am constantly saying "Whining doesn't help anything. Let's talk about it instead."

This afternoon, she woke up from her nap in a painfully foul mood. At one point she crawled under the coffee table and just made sounds like a dying hyena.

I asked, "Is there some sort of problem?"

"No. I don't waaaaant a problem," she whined.

I said, "So let's talk about it. What's bugging you?"

"Mama, talking doesn't help anything. I'm going to whine instead."


Velvet H said...

My 3 year old does the same thing! Except for it's us telling her to "please use her words to tell us what's wrong" and she proceeds to tell us she "doesn't want to use her words she just wants to cry!".

I love her so much :)

canchaser_412 said...

he he that is so funny.... she is such a hoot!