Monday, March 8, 2010

awkward baby small talk

We were at the pediatrician's office (AGAIN) today, and the one nurse must be mainlining sunshine and rainbows because she is so enthusiastic and bouncy and over the top baby-talky that I just about need insulin after standing in the same room with her. She is kind and sweet, but man there is a lot of boisterous schmoopy talk that just flows from her.

She asked Caroline to take her shoes off so she could be weighed ("Okie dokie, little miss. Can we get your adddddorable shoesie woosies off so we can weigh you? Oooooh, you are 38 potatoes! Yes you are. 38 SWEET po-tay-tees.").

Caroline looked a little uncomfortable but smiled, and then looked at me like "Lady, help me!"

We had the litany of normal questions for a sick visit, all in hyperactive candy-coated code. Then the nurse asked Caroline for her age.

"Um, I'm three. I used to be two. But then I grew, and now I am three." And then she shuffled her feet and winced a little. "I mean, three sweet po-tay-tees."


Anonymous said...

hahahaha! That is awesome! And very sweet of Caroline to try to talk to the nurse in her own language :)

Ani said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. Oh man i needed that today!!!!

dill said...

I cannot stop laughing!!! That is hilarious!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

That is the BEST! LOL

AlexRF said...

LOL!! Taste of her own medicine! Fantastic.

Anna (AnnaA) said...

Do we go to the same ped? Maybe that nurse works half the week in MI and the other half in CO? Last week at Charlotte's WBV, I nearly burst out with, "PLEASE stop calling her 'princess-wincess'!" because I dislike "princess" enough as it is. Imagine people like that working anywhere else, though: "And so, ladies and gentlemen of the jury-wurry..."