Monday, March 29, 2010

who's on first

Caroline: Nooooo, I'm afraid.

Mama: What are you afraid of?

Caroline: I'm afraid of a different thing.

Mama: What are you talking about??

Caroline: I'm afraid!

Mama: OF WHAT?

Caroline: NOOOOOO. A different I'm afraid.

Mama: [has stroke] What. Are. You. Afraid. Of?

Caroline: I'm afraid, like WITH A MEANING.

Mama: Meaning??

Caroline: Like I'm afraid you don't know any language!


Heather HS said...


Jennifer said...

She was using the phrase, like "No, I'm afraid not." And I thought she was being literal.

Now she thinks I'm an idiot.

Ericka said...

LOL This is one of my favorites!!