Monday, August 9, 2010

next stop: broadway

Today began two weeks of the Drama summer session of preschool. To Caroline, this is sort of like Christmas. Everyday. For two weeks.

I was talking to her Aunt Jen last week and mentioning that she begins Drama at school this week. Aunt Jen laughed and said, "Are they ready for her?"

That about sums it up.

Caroline's regular teacher (who is not teaching this session but was there for regular school year prep) asked, "So, is Caroline excited about Drama?" I raised my eyebrows and looked at her and said, "Are you kidding me?" I don't think there is an adjective or analogy strong enough to explain how the next two weeks will feed Caroline's soul. She burst out laughing and said, "Yeaaah, that's what I suspected."

So it was no surprise that Caroline came bounding down the stairs this morning, shouting confidently with chin skyward and hands on hips, "My name is Anna, and I am ready to be a DRAMA QUEEN!"

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Liz said...

Oh, perfect! I am DYING to hear stories about this. (I was a complete ham as a child and had no drama camp to take it out on. My poor mom.)