Monday, August 30, 2010

yes, i do

Caroline is out of preschool until the new year starts right after Labor Day. She is bored, and when she is bored, there are lots of wardrobe changes and impromptu plays... and messes. So I am struggling to keep her occupied.

I told her that in a few minutes, I would have her dust the living room.

She cheered and squealed. Excitement over dusting?

I gave her a bewildered look.

She smiled and said, "What? You think it's unnatural?"


Sierra said...

haha! she's welcome to come dust, vacuum, and wash my dishes any time she's bored! :)

Anonymous said...

She really said "unnatural"?? Haha!

Jennifer said...

She did. She is very into the un- prefix lately. Today I heard, "That is so boring. It's, like, unamazing."

MoonDog said...

you should read the book JIllian Jiggs. she makes lots of messes too.