Sunday, August 15, 2010

the tooth economy

Last night, I kissed a sleeping Caroline goodnight, and she bolted upright and said, "My name is Caroline, and I just lost an imaginary tooth." And then she plopped back down.

I whispered, "I'll let the tooth fairy know. "

This morning, she stomped up to me saying, "The tooth fairy did not leave me any money!"

I told her she didn't leave the tooth fairy a tooth, either.

"Well, it was imaginary!"

"Well, maybe she left you an imaginary dollar."

She grew more incredulous, "But she thought it was a real tooth. You called her! I really need a dollar!"

I told her it was important to tell the truth; and I told her that if she wasn't honest with the toothfairy, she might get blacklisted and never get real money for her real teeth when the time comes.

She seemed unconcerned and pointed to her mouth. "Have you seen these teeth, Mama? She'd be crazy to pass them up."


Crystal said...

I LOVE this one. The things she says cracks me up. I wish I was this inventive when I was young (and even now!)

Anonymous said...

We're all crazy to pass them up!