Friday, December 4, 2009

career in nursing: unlikely

Baby sister Sylvie has very severe reflux. She spends the majority of her day crying, sleeping, eating, and hurling. While Sylvie is definitely more tired of this routine than the rest of us, Caroline is apparently feeling the strain herself.

Caroline: MOOOOO-OOOMMMMMMM, Sylvie just spit up again!

Mom: Ok, I'll be right there.

Caroline: [muttered to Sylvie] You're so busted!


Anonymous said...

our little girl had severe reflux also. She just turned two and we've not seen signs of it for a long time (like a year). Everytime you write about Sylvie's reflux, my heart goes out to you. My hope is it resolves soon
thinking of you

Anonymous said...

I was going to also comment that our daughter had extreme reflux as an infant (and unluckily for her - still takes daily meds for it at age 2) The screaming - the crying - the spitting - yikes - you bring me back to those days!! Good luck to you and glad to see you can keep your humor through it!
(PS - besides the screaming and non sleeping - she also managed to ruin our living room carpet -- hope you have hardwoods! :-) HA!)

Jennifer said...

Thank you both!

We're currently on our fourth medicine (Zantac wore out, Prevacid did nothing, compounded Pepcid has been helping with the pain but not the puking, so now we're on to compounded Prilosec), and it has been a crazy 4 months of doctor visits and lately a GI specialist who wants to do an endoscopy (no thanks!). But I'm hoping she starts outgrowing it soon. It's certainly become easier to deal with emotionally and practically... we just spend hours driving around to help her sleep and we do a lot of laundry. :) I am most impressed at how good Caroline has been about it. She's handled the screaming and mess with more grace than I have.

And Sara, yes we have hardwoods, thank goodness! Though at the risk of making you reflux, we have a dog who, um, helps with cleanup if I am not fast enough with a towel.

We know it will get better. Trying to remember that in the throes of a baby freakout. :) Thanks again.

Rebecca said...

I too am going to comment on the reflux! I had 3 with severe reflux and with this last one, I actually never picked up the Zantac prescription. I took her to the chiropractor, and in the week between calling in the prescription and when I would be near the pharmacy, the crying and copious puking stopped! She's now 2 1/2 months old- no colic, and only a little spitting up. We see the chiropractor 2-3 times a week right now, but will scale back soon. If you can find a good chiro who works with kids, (and they should charge half pice for kids), it is so worth trying to see if it works. I had taken in my #3 baby, who was an angry, screamy, colicky baby and the chiropractor ended the colic in 2 sessions, so I didn't go back. I think if I had gone back regularly, the reflux would have ended as well. So that's my 2 cents!

PS I LOVE reading about your daughter! She is a hoot.