Sunday, December 20, 2009

glass ceiling: shattered and sparkly

"I think I will be a princess football player when I grow up. A little girlish, a little boyish. But I would wear a dress over my leggings, even though the guys there don't wear skirts over their leggings. And I'd like to have my crown be, like, part of my helmet hat, you know? Like not on top of it or under it, but a helmet shaped to be a crown too. I think that would look really good and princessy-footballish."

I nodded and said that sounded good to me.

"Yeah, a princess football player. I'm bold like that."


Linda_M said...

Your captions are always wonderful! I enjoy them as much as the kazooisms:-)

Sarah said...

She is Awesome.

Anonymous said...

So cute! My neice wants to be a firefighter ballerina that shoots off fireworks when she grows up!