Friday, December 11, 2009

in search of a pet

"Mama, what was that big yellow tent at the zoo?"

I told her it was for a pet adoption fair.

"Oh, we should go. I'm really looking for an emu."


Lorissa H. said...

I am sure you are looking for an emu as well.

River said...

Emus are my favorite animals. The Kazoo has good taste ;)

Anonymous said...

I used to live near an emu farm that had a sign in the front that said, "Emu, the other red meat." I forget how old I was when I made the connection, but I was devastated, b/c I looooooooved the emus.

Anyway, Caroline has great taste in pets!

(And god, can we get more redneck? Aaron's next door neighbor growing up was Amish, and I lived near an emu farm. PA is glorious.)

- speechy

abby @ tales and trials said...

that kazoo has me laughing again. does she really say all these things? :) too cute!

Sarah said...

Oh my -- she is so sweet.