Tuesday, December 15, 2009

simple wishes this christmas

I was picking up some little crafty things at the store for teacher gifts we are making, and I happened upon tiny personalized snow globes that were like 4 bucks each. Caroline's other snow globe lost its luster after she took it to school for the "expression basket" (hippie show and tell, in other words). It seems some vigorous shaking by cohorts dislodged the snowman in the scene and he was floating around, as she said, "Like he was in outer space, but without a space suit."

So I picked up the last Caroline snow globe for her, and I couldn't wait a whole two weeks to give it to her.

Her reaction was even better than I expected.

"Oh my goodness, it's a little snow globe. It's absolutely beautiful, Mom. Thank you so very much. That little snowman inside is absolutely perfect. And it's beautiful with the snow and the globe. I just... I just don't think I want anything else for Christmas. This surprise is the best present I could ever want. Absolutely ever!"

I told her I was glad she liked it, and that it made me happy to see her enjoy it. And then I started teasing about maybe letting Santa know that nothing could beat out this little snow globe and that she didn't want anything else.

"Oh, yeah. I forgot about Santa. Well he's probably in Europe right now anyway, so we shouldn't -- um, just don't bother him."

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Penny in Australia said...

She sounds absolutely delightful! I eally enjoy hearing each new kazooism!