Tuesday, December 8, 2009

yay, we haven't totally ruined her!

Saturday, Caroline went to a party for her school friend Sophia. They actually rarely play together as they are entirely different creatures (Sophia is a petite fleur -- all demure, dainty, quiet, and sweet), but Caroline thinks everyone in her class is her best friend. So she was super excited to get invited, and was thrilled when she heard the venue.

The party was at the butterfly garden at the zoo, which is a pretty awesome place for a 4 year old's birthday party. There were games, zoo tours, cake, goody bags full of little trinkets and candy, etc.

When she got home and showed me her loot, I asked her, "What was your favorite thing about the zoo party?"

"Hmmmm," She thought for a moment before lighting up. "Seeing Sophia!"

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Sierra said...

that's so sweet! how many kids say that?!