Friday, January 8, 2010

budget cuts may be an obstacle

A rare nighttime drive with her yielded an interesting idea. Imagine, if you will, all this said super fast, without pause, and with the most excited 3 year old voice everrrr:

"Hey! Hey! I have a great idea. We should take the car lights and the street lights and some of the red, yellow, and green hangy lights; and we should wrap em all up in a big ball. And we'd shoot them through outer space to the moon. An' an' an' and then the moon would be REALLY SUPER BRIGHT and RAINBOWISH and REALLY BRIGHT LIKE THE SUN, and then we could see at night. That's kind of pretty great for ideas, right Mama? A bright rainbow moon?"

I agreed.

"Yeah. We should forward that one to NASA!"*

[*Not sure how she even knows what NASA is, but guessing since they are talking planets and Earth at preschool, it came up there. We aren't like Rick Moranis in Parenthood, promise.]


Anonymous said...

How many 3-year-olds have ever HEARD of NASA, let alone know that it is connected with the moon?! Caroline is amazing!

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I dunno if she's amazing, but she does have an amazing memory. Her class is made up of 3-6 year olds, so chances are one of the older kids brought it up while they were talking about planets and space (she got really into that month's subject) and she just remembered it.