Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a look i've always hoped to achieve

I was given the gift of one of those blousy shruggish cardigans for Christmas. You can imagine how up-to-date I am with fashion trends based on that item description alone. You know, something like so:

I was trying it on, unsure if I could carry off this style, since I have a diverse wardrobe consisting of both black AND grey long sleeve Favorite Ts from gap and one pair of jeans. I hemmed and hawed in the mirror and asked Caroline what she thought.

She was thrilled and shared her opinion. "I think it's pretty great, Mom. You look just like a flying squirrel."


Heather HS said...

Regarding the outfit... I don't know if you can pull it off. It totally depends. But if you like it at all, I say go for it.

Regarding Kazoo's comments... I LOVE it!! Flying squirrels are great, and I love that she knows about them!

Anonymous said...

a flying squirrel huh? :) where does she come up with this stuff.

i think the sweater is cute and i say go for it if you feel comfortable in it. i am a t and jeans kind of gal too so i understand your hesitation.