Sunday, January 25, 2009

big plans

She was playing dominos (her version anyway), and I asked her what we should do for Valentine's Day. I was thinking, like, "bake cookies" or "make cards for my friends."

Her reply?

"Well..." as though she was breaking it to me easy, "I was gonna go to a ballerina dance. Put my toes in some pink slippers. They'd probably match my feet. And they'd match my skirt. That would be a good Valentine's Day."

So you don't want to make cookies?

"Well, ok. If they were round and had some colors."


Amy said...

I have just found you and I need to know if our daughters are somehow related or if they just have conferences where they learn to talk like this...LOL

Anonymous said...

I have just read almost all your posts.....the only explanation for no other comments is this: how many times can one write "LOL"? And now a word of warning...this sounds like my now eight year old...BE AFRAID , BE VERY AFRAID. Oh the fun that awaits you in the coming years. Fun and, well, you'll figure that part out....

Mikaela said...

I just found your blog from a reader of the Pioneer Woman, and I read all of your posts!! How do you not keep from laughing through it all???