Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We were having one of those conversations when I explained to Caroline what I love most about her. I went down the list and got to her kindness. "I love that you are so nice to everyone. It is so nice to see you make friends. I love that you say 'hello!' to everyone you meet and make people smile. I love that you are so friendly and sweet." She said, "Well, I am a very friendly girl, mama." It is true, she is. I said, "It's true, you are a very friendly girl. And it makes me very happy that you are sooooo very nice to everyone."

She smiled and went to play, when she was approached by Patty the Peabrained Puppy.

And Caroline greeted her with, "Get out of here, you stupid dog."*

*I am not sure if this is proof that Patty is so irritating that even a child who greets surly cart gatherers at Target with a "Well, hello there, Sir!" and a smile, well she can't even fake kindness to her; or if it's proof that Chuck and I should really be nicer to Patty. I'm going with the former, as evidenced by a mountain of toddler toys that are missing feet or wheels courtesy of terrier teeth.

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Anonymous said...

hahahahaha ... that's awesome. This is my favorite story on here so far, and there's some stiff competition!