Friday, January 2, 2009

the saga of gummi bear vitamins

Chuck had given her the daily dose of 2 gummi vitamins and 2 gummi echinacea and extra C . She carried them to the landing, and we went about our normal business. But we could overhear the drama unfolding between Caroline and the bears. A few parts we could hear:

Caroline: [wickedly] I got you little gummi bears!
Caroline as Gummi Bears: [scream of horror]

[there was an intense whispered dialog that we could not hear and a couple may have been gobbled, then...]

C: Sorry little gummi bears, but I got to eat you.
GB1: No, don't eat me!
C: I'm sorry little gummi bears, but I have to put you in my mouth.
GB2: I'm feeling a little wobbly. Hold my hand.

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Laurie said...

Ok, I just had to leave a post. I was laughing out loud at all of these, but this one sent me over the edge. I have a 2 year old also, and I could just picture it. Mine is not nearly as verbal.

Found you through today (someone who reads you won an award) and had to check it out. Hysterical! My husband is coming home from Iraq for a visit sometime in the next 48 hours and this is exactly what I needed to relax and chill for a minute. thank you for sharing with the world!