Saturday, January 31, 2009

mickey with a side maple of syrup

My parental pet peeve is the Disney Empire and their all-too-effective marketing to infants and toddlers. I refuse to turn on the Disney Channel or animated Disney movies in this house (I know, I'm a hardbutt about it), yet my child has learned who Mickey Mouse is, and she can identify the cabal of perky heroines as "Dizz-me Princesses". Granted, she thinks each one is named Dizz-me _____ (where the blank is filled by the color of her dress), so I haven't totally lost her to the Dark Side. But how this happens, I do not know. We were living near Burbank at the time of her conception and early development. Maybe there is something in the water there.

Anyway, today she was talking about Mickey Mouse. I took the opportunity to try to persuade her that he is no friend of ours.

Mama: I think Mickey is yucky.
Caroline: [laughing at my ridiculousness] No, Mickey Mouse is good.
M: How do you even know that?
C: He's just good, Mama!
M: No he's yucky. You believe me about Spongebob being yucky, why not about Mickey?
C: He was on my diapers.
M: Exactly! I think he smells like poop.
C: Noooooo, he doesn't smell like poop!
M: I think he does.
C:[dreamily] I think he smells like... breakfast!


amesigee said...

I found you through PW and am hooked on Caroline! Thanks for the laughs!

Sarah said...

OH my -- (and I agree with Kazoo on that one! ;) )

Anonymous said...

I am loving your blog and check it daily. She reminds me of my granddaughter!

Not that we need to promote TV/DVD watching among toddlers, but the Charlie & Lola DVDs are wonderful, especially if you're looking for an alternative to everything Disney!