Friday, January 23, 2009

i m smartr than dad, part ii

Chuck changed her pull-up before preschool, and I changed it when we got home, before nap. I took her pants off and instead of the normal greeting of a trio of Disney princesses, I got the backside of the diaper. He'd put it on backwards (this is a running theme... 2.5 years after her birth, he still gets diapers and some clothes backwards).

I sighed and said, "What in the world..."

She nodded with the simple answer, "Daddy."


kate said...

That on word really explains so much, doesn't it? :)

spellbinded2004 said...

I too found your blog after someone posted it on!!! What fun I have been having reading up on all of Caroline's kazooisms... I have a 2.5 year and she is not nearly has verbally as C! Thanks for sharing your world with us!