Tuesday, January 27, 2009

sticking to her story

[Note: I know this is a story and not the usual brief conversation. I apologize, but this needed documenting so I won't forget about it in 10 years, or more realistically, in 10 minutes. P.S. Welcome all PW readers!]

Caroline has been going to "toddler preschool" for almost 6 months now, and she has never once had a negative report at the end of the morning. Until yesterday. Apparently, she told her teacher Renee "NO!" a few times in the morning. This defiance is very unlike her, though she is stubborn through and through, and I was surprised to hear a bad report from the teacher at pickup.

As we walked to the car, I told her that I heard she had a bad day today and made some bad choices. She stopped and looked at me and said, very seriously, "Renee was very grumpy today!!" I tried not to crack a smile at this version of events, and we had a talk about how to treat others, especially grownups who are trying to help us.

Later that night, we had another discussion about it with her dad. Again, her story was, "Renee was sooooo grumpy!!" I explained that sometimes grownups seem grumpy when they really aren't, and that it's important to speak kindly to people even when they are being grumpy. She did not like this idea and frowned and slumped down and stared at her dinner.

This morning at preschool dropoff, I talked to her teachers and shared her side of the story, which we all thought was funny. Renee thought it was hilarious and told me that yesterday, while Caroline was sequestered off to the back of the room after refusing to try to put on her slippers, the rest of the class had circle time and sang songs in another part of the room. Caroline had no idea that Renee could see her, but she could. And Caroline was crouching in front of the mirror making extremely sour, furrow-browed faces and practicing a monster 'tude in the mirror. "Renee, you are so grumpy. You are so very grumpy. I am mad that you are grumpy! Don't be grumpy to me!!" Renee observed all this while, she says, trying to keep from peeing her pants.

I thought this additional detail was awesome and so perfectly 2 years old. When I left, I called Chuck and we both laughed.

When I picked her up from preschool today, Renee sent her to get her coat on and winked and asked her, "Caroline, was I too grumpy today?"

She stopped and turned around. "I'm sorry Renee."

We awwed, and Renee started to accept her apology.

Then Caroline continued very earnestly, "I'm sorry you were so grumpy yesterday."


kate said...

Ha! That's exactly what I say to my husband when I've been a jerk! It gets a laugh every time. Hooray for diverting blame! :)

PS. found you via pioneer woman.

dana said...

just randomly found your blog, and oh my word. your daughter caroline sounds insanely similar to my girl, cora. she just turned three in december, and is constantly cracking us up with the same type of random, animated, hilarious conversations and antics as you are chronicling here. so fun!

StressedBlessed Mom in GA said...

Your daughter is hysterical! I haven't been writing down what my 4 year old says, so I must start. This is a hoot! Found your site from a mention on Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. http://thepioneerwoman.com/2009/01/winners_amidst_the_ice_storm.html
I will look forward to visiting your site for your daughter's wonderful stories.

jenlaser2015 said...

A PW reader here too. I can honestly say this is probably the funniest stuff I have ever read. I can't wait for my 17 month old to say stuff like this...must remember to keep them written down. Thanks for sharing all your daughter's funny one-liners. I am a reader for life!

laurie said...

I also found your site via PW, so thanks for the welcome! I'm loving your posts. I have a 5 mo. old grandmonkey, and I can't wait until she starts spouting these little beauties! You should be nominated for next year's bloggies for sure!

Debi said...

My sister sent me the link to your blog. She probaly found your site from PW (we both read her blog). Your Caroline sounds so adorable! I don't have kids yet, but I hope when I do, they come up with cute things to say and do too.
Can't wait to see what's she comes up with next!


PS said...

Yep, another PW reader. Glad to have found your site. I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old. I really need to do a better job of writing their stuff down.

Congrats to you for doing such a wonderful job - and for having such a cutie pie of a daughter!!!

Dcan said...

Saw you on PW. What a great way to remember and share all the funny stuff your kid says. I love reading these and wish I'd done more of this. I did post one recently though.

beatriz said...

another pw reader! i'm so glad i found this blog. i read every entry and then cracked up to pieces.