Saturday, February 7, 2009

art crit/self crit

She was painting a portrait of Olivia the pig. She declared that "painting Olivia is not very easy." There was a squiggle over the eye, and I complimented it.

She made a psht sound and said, "It kind of looks like a tuba."


piecemeal people said...

She paints? And can actually paint something that looks like it has eyes?!? My three-year-old son has just barely mastered holding a crayon...sheesh. And nothing he draws even remotely resembles a face. I'm impressed!

Jennifer said...

She showed zero interest in drawing a month ago... maybe even less than zero. Then one day she brought me a crayon-drawn smiley face, with eyebrows and cheeks to boot. It seriously will happen overnight, so get ready for the fun.