Thursday, February 19, 2009

invincible stall tactics

She's got a new obsession with bouncing in the desk chair and listening to her itunes playlist. She will sit there for a very long time. And she's happiest if you sit across from her and watch her bounce and sing. So she is very good at trying to prevent you from leaving. Today she could sense that I was getting a little yawnzy watching this routine after about 25 minutes. I started to stir. She took action.

"Hey Mama, what do the black words on that picture say?" She was referring to a vintage monster movie poster hanging on the wall.

I dryly read. "It says, 'Invincible. Indestructible. What was this beast born fifty million years out of time?'"

She put on her best preschool teacher voice and very earnestly enthused while clapping, "That's great! Just great! Good job reading, Mama! Congratulations!"