Monday, February 23, 2009

guessing games

When I picked her up at preschool, she didn't want to come home. I had to tell her that I'd gone to the grocery store and bought some of her favorite things. Then she was suddenly willing to leave class. On the way to the car, we had this conversation.

Caroline: Did you get me a special treat at the grocery store?
Mama: Yes, I did.
C: What is it?
M: Well it's a surprise, you will see!
C: Is it a heart treat?
M: Hmm, no, not a heart treat.
C: Is it a lollipop?
M: Nope, not a lollipop.
C: Is it a bavotic treat?
M: I am not even sure what a bavotic treat is. What is bavotic?
C: You know, like a bavotic animal.
M: Ooooh, do you mean "exotic"?
C: Yeah, you know. Like bavotic animals from Africa.
M: Nope, I didn't get you an exotic animal from Africa at the grocery store.
C: Maybe a popsicle then.


piecemeal people said...

Well, in her defense, our grocery store does sell plush bavotic animals magnets for the refrigerator. Perhaps she had one of those in mind. :)

Anonymous said...

Lol, so what did you get her? Was she satisfied?