Wednesday, February 18, 2009


She practically skipped into the room and then struck an awkward, dramatic sad pose, with her chin resting on her hand. She was frowning pretty hard. I tried not to laugh.

I asked, "Why so glum, chum?"

She answered, "I'm just so very glum because I don't even know what a chum is."


laurie said...

Mama, I am SO enjoying your blog. I have sent the link to all my friends and family with toddler, and it produces HOURS worth of laughter and conversation. Thanks so much for sharing. Did she ever find her crown? Was it everywhere? :)

Dcan said...

You're girl cracks me up!

piecemeal people said... your "About Caroline" section you meant to write "She's 12," right? And "She's 2" is just a typo, right?!? Because this kid CAN'T POSSIBLY be two!!!