Tuesday, February 24, 2009

not a personal shopper

Tomorrow we find out if the baby/kitten in my stomach is a boy or a girl. We have tried to make this a "big sister" kind of event for her since she has shown about zero interest in the process. I was telling her tonight all about how, after we go to the doctor and get pictures of the baby, she will get to pick out a present just for the baby, and she will get to do it all by herself. She was excited at the prospect.

She said, "I know! I know what to get the baby!"

It took a while of her explaining with hints, but she finally told me. She wanted to get the baby "a very, very loud horn." One that goes [really awful toddler-produced air horn noise here].

Cough. I told her that I don't think babies like very, very loud horns.

She put her thumbs to her shoulders and said in a sing-songy voice, "No, but giiiiirrrllls do!"


piecemeal people said...

Ooh, what an exciting day! I hope you get what you're hoping for...

The Clan Piccini said...

oh yeah, big girls love LOUD horns, the louder and the more they annoy mommy & daddy the better LOL

Jennifer said...

it's a girl!

and yes we talked her out of the air horn, thank goodness.