Friday, June 26, 2009

the little haggler

At Baby Gap, while I was checkin' out the clearance racks, Caroline found a ridiculously overpriced lion stuffed animal.

Caroline [to Gap lady]: Oh this is a very nice lion!

Gap Lady: Yes, it's cute, isn't it?

C: How much is it?

GL: Let me check the ticket... 22.50

C: I think it should cost ONE dollar. I want to buy it for one dollar.

Mama: Yes, wouldn't that be nice. But it's not one dollar, so we won't be buying it. How about you come here and help me pick out some pants.

C: I'll be there in one minute...

Mama [to Gap Lady]: I'm sorry...

GL: No it's no problem. Let me see if it's maybe on sale. [scans it with some handheld thing.] Nope, it's really 22.50.

M: See, Caroline, too expensive! We'll just have to visit it in the store sometimes, or maybe you could save up your money and buy it later.

C [to Gap Lady]: Excuse me, please. Do you have coupons?

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