Tuesday, June 9, 2009

marketing fail

She caught that famous OxiClean commercial detailing the perils of using bleach instead of the color-safe wunderpowder. After they showed bleach splashed across denim, ruined with giant white spots, she was enthralled.

"Maybe that's an applesauce spill. But it's too white."
"Or maybe it's mashed potatoes."
"I can't really tell. Please rewind it, Mama."
"That's probably mashed potatoes."
"I really like mashed potatoes. Lots of people do."
"It's got to be mashed potatoes, not applesauce."
"Oh well, mashed potatoes aren't a big deal to clean up."
"Why is that guy jumping around? Why is he so loud?"
"Why is this guy so grumpy about spilled mashed potatoes?"


Sanjiv Sarwate said...

K. recently very methodically dunked a washcloth in her bath, held it up, and pronounced "that's the power of Oxi-Clean."

I told my wife it wouldn't kill her to turn the TV off once in a while.

Cindy said...

Ok I was just coming in here to post what Sanjiv said. I guess that OxyClean commercial gives out some weird toddler vibes. Kaia saw the commercial again today and said "So that is where I got it from."

Jennifer said...

Billy Mays = toddler whisperer. Or yeller.

congercrew said...

Ha Ha! Savannah got out three seperate cleaners this morning and asked me if they were KaBoom. Then she told me that KaBoom can get any stain out. Finally I wised up and asked what she needed KaBoom for. Lincoln had poured red Kool-Aid all over his white shirt.