Thursday, June 25, 2009


"Mermaids don't have parrots. Parrots don't live under water, so they can't be with mermaids. They live in sunny days in the air. And they are nakey. They do have feathers, but they don't have clothes. We don't have any parrots, even though I like to be nakey sometimes. But we wear clothes and have nooooo parrots. And we're not pirates either."


Cory Jill Syd and Brenna said...

We live parallel lives. Ex. from the other day, walking the dog:

S: I think Boomer wants to pee on that pole right there.... yep! He does. He wants to pee on that pole. (pause) Does Santa Claus live by that North Pole?

Me: No, it's a different pole that Santa lives by.

S: That's right. It's not a wood pole. It's a Christmas pole. You don't want to pee on a Christmas pole!

And... so on.

Jennifer said...

Totally, Jill. Ponies and chatter. Chatter and ponies.

Today I got to hear about seeds and how they grow in poop. And how nectarine pits are seeds, but they don't grow in poop because birds can't chew them to poop them.