Monday, June 15, 2009

she sees right through me

I passed on my glow-in-the-dark genes. We are pale. We are very pale people.

I should have guessed what she meant when she approached me, very upset and sad, near tears.

"Mama, I have a green crack in my foot. I think I am broken! It's not good."

I asked her to show me. She lifted up her foot and pointed to a vein.

I laughed. She cried.

"I am broken and cracked forever."

I tried to soothe her. "Nooooo, those are just your veins. That is how blood moves through your body. Remember how we talked about veins?"

"But I really think this is a crack, Mama."

I showed her my arms, which look vaguely like Spiderman's, only the network of webs is on a white background instead of red. I had hoped this would convince her that veins are normal.

"Whoa, Mama. I think you are about to break into a thousand pieces."


Jenaphora said...

It sounds like we are similar in whiteness levels!

Since Lily has no hair my nephews are always commenting about all the 'cracks' in her head. Sigh.

I too tried to explain about veins, also showing my spiderweb arms. I told them "We all have veins"

I simply got a disgusted look and an "I don't have veins aunt Jenny, I take baths"

Of course.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is so funny. When my Mama first told me about this website I read the all the way to when you first stated it. She is soo funny! The 'Whoa, Mma. I think you arer about to break into a thousand pieces.' sounds almost like something my older brother would say. Except for he's not 2. He's about to start college. I just love your website and thank you for posting all of this!

Vixxen said...

lol Your daughter is hilarious. My little cousin said something similar when we were at the beach. I'm ridiculously pale, too, and she asked why I was drawing all over myself. I wasn't sure what she meant, but she didn't explain, and then she moved on to: "I wish I was like you. I want to glow in the dark, too."