Tuesday, June 30, 2009

mind. blown.

Caroline has never been one to be really into toys. She plays with her toys, but she plays with random stuff just as much, if not more. Our parental annoyance (we all have one, right?) is marketing aimed at children. So we don't really watch many commercials. And she's never been to a mega toy store. Until today.

I had to go get something from the Babies R Us section of our local Toys R Us. Usually I schedule these runs for preschool days, just for simplicity and speed; but she's on break until next week. So she came along. We had to go to the pet store first, and to keep her from trying to convince me to buy 300 bags of Pupperoni or a cat toy with rainbow ribbons that will never be played with, I kept telling her, "Now remember, if you can be a good helper here, we will go to the toy store." That kept her on track. And apparently got her a little wound up about just what this toy store would be like.

We arrived in the parking lot. "It's a blue building! Mama, the toy store is BLUE!"

We walked in the automatic doors. She froze in the middle of the entry aisle. Her eyes got huge. She looked at me as if making sure she was not dreaming.

Then. She yelled at the top of her lungs. "OH MY GOODNESS! THE TOY STORE IS GREAT!!!!"

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