Thursday, April 2, 2009

another frightening diagnosis

My glasses broke, so I am going naked-faced until I can get in for some new ones. Caroline is amazed by the unshielded presence of my eyeballs.

Caroline: Mama, let me look in your eyes.
Mama: Oh, okay.

[staring here]

C: I think I see a problem with your eyes.
M: Oh?
C: Yeah, they look a little sick. Like they might have a stomach ache.
M: A stomach ache in my eyes.
C: Yes. I think they ate too much popcorn.


Anonymous said...

Just want you to know that I'm sure enjoying your posts. What fun, and what a wonderful record of this time in your sweetie's life.

LittleO said...

I was talking to a friend online today, and I shared a couple of the shorter entries with them. After sharing this one, they said the following:

"Wow, is this girl for real? I hope she's president some day!"

I concur. She would probably be the best possible candidate for president in the history of the world. I would vote for her.

Jennifer said...

You are more trusting of her than I am!

But thank you. :)