Monday, April 27, 2009

motown awaits

Caroline approached me this morning holding two pieces of toy fruit. She asked that we sing songs about the fruit. She gave me the banana, and she held the apple. I asked her to start. She agreed and looked up for about 3 seconds while she composed the song in her head. Then she straightened her dress and began.

"Apples are reh-eeeeh-ed and they have stemmmmmms on top... And you peel 'em [clap] if you want to, and there are see-eeee-eeeeeeds insiiiiide! So sweet and so juiiiicy! [returns to normal voice] Now it's your turn, Mama. Sing about the banana like you mean it."


Laura said...

So....did you sing about the banana like you meant it? haha

Lisa McSpadden said...

I LOVE reading your blog!!! Thank you (and your little Kazoo, of course!) for weekly smiles and laughs. My first baby is due in a week and your blog has inspired me to always try to remember to document what our kids say. :-)