Tuesday, April 21, 2009

name snob

We were trying to name this little cat figurine her grandmother bought her while working with a native population in AZ.

Caroline: Mama, let's name this cat. He doesn't have a name.

Mama: Well he has these pointy patterns on him. What about Spikey?

C: Spikey?! [shakes head] That's too... cheesy. He's not cheesy at all. He doesn't have any sparkles or everything like that, Mom.

M: Well, ok. I'm not sure what makes Spikey "cheesy." But if you don't like it, we'll pass. What about Cinnamon?

C: [cracks up and shakes her head] That's a FOOD. This is a CAT we're talkin' about.

M: Yes, but he's sorta cinnamony in color...

C: [scrunched up nose] He's really kind of yellow, not brown.

M: Ok. So what about Butterscotch?

C: This is getting ridiculous.

[And for the record, the name she settled on is "MeowMeow" -- and I'm the ridiculous one.]


piecemeal people said...

I would say it might not be best to consult her regarding baby names. :)

Jennifer said...

We actually did consult her on the name,and I bet people will be excited to meet little sister WahWah in July!

piecemeal people said...

I'm guessing this is because that's what babies say...? :)

A friend of mine once consulted her three-year-old son on what his baby sister's name should be, and so for the rest of her pregnancy everyone called the baby "Stungus." The poor kid is now four and we still call her "Stungus" from time to time.