Thursday, April 2, 2009

so friendly it hurts/complete strangers

Since it was lovely outside today, Caroline and I went to the playground across the street shortly before dinner. She walked up to a girl who was on the swings, being pushed by her mother.

Caroline: Hi there! [hand to chest] My name is Caroline. What is your name?
Girl: I am Natalie.
C: Nice to meet you, Natalie. What are you up to?
G: I'm swinging and my mom is pushing me.
C: That's great! How are you doing today?
G: I'm good.
C: Oh, good to hear that!

At this point, I suggested maybe she do some swinging too, since we were there for the purpose of playing more than producing an episode of a toddler talk show. She, of course, picked the swing right next to Natalie and they conversed. The girl's mother asked Caroline how old she was.

C: I'm two. Natalie, how old are you?
G: I'm four!
C: I'm not two. I meant I'm FIVE.
Mama: You're five?
C: Yeah, I grew a lot.

She and Natalie had a great time for about half an hour, before she had to go. Caroline and I continued to play, and then Chuck pulled up in our driveway. We waved him over to the playground.

C: Dadddyyyyyy! Would you like to play?
Dad: Yes, I would love to play!
C: Would you like to play with my friend Mama?
D: [laugh] Your friend Mama?
C: Yes, my friend Mama. She's right over there. [Points at me, standing 5 feet away. You know, since he'd have trouble picking out his wife of 4 years.]

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