Friday, April 17, 2009

medical school begins today

I was howling in pain from a charley horse and grabbing at my foot and leg... while trying to keep it on the down low so Miss Child did not think I was dying. She would be very sad if the supplier of her snacks keeled over, you see.

Caroline: Mama! Mama! What's going on?

Mama: [grimacing] I have a leg cramp, honey. I'm ok, it just looks scary.

C: You have a CRAP in your leg?

M: No, honey [ow ow ow ow ow flex ow]... it's a craMp.

C: It's in your foot?

M: It's not really a thing in my foot... it's [ow ow ow] just the muscle.

C: [flexes] Like these pythons?

M: Yes, like your pythons. We have pythons all over our body, remember the muscles are under our skin?


M: [still howling and rocking] Yes, there are muscles even in our faces.

C: I don't want a crap in my face!

M: It's not a cramp in your face. When the cramp is in your foot, it is called a charley horse.

C: There's a horse in your foot?! That's amazin'!

M: [still suffering] No. It's just a cramp. I'm ok though.

C: Sometimes I have gas beans in my stomach...

M: Beans?

C: Yeah, when it hurts.

M: Do you mean pains?

C: Yeah pains, that's right. But at least it's not horses and craps.


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Stacy B. said...

She has to be the funniest kid ever! She is going to love looking back over these posts when she is older. She has me cracking up every day!

Am said...

I cannot stop laughing!!! That's hilarious!

Tina said...

Your blog makes me laugh more than anything else---seriously. I can only read it when it's ok to have tears streaming. Thanks...keep up the good work!

Cory Jill Syd and Brenna said...

best one yet! Love it.

canchaser_412 said...

oh WOW I love it... she is such a hoot and so hilarious!!!!

Amelia Harris said...

Ok, for one your daughter is HILARIOUS!! And two I found your blog through a mutual friend, Kelsey Holloway (love that girl :), and three this blog is definitely going to become one of my faves! :) Thanks for sharing. :)

TomLehrerLover said...

I found this blog many months ago... and have checked it daily ever since! (after reading up on all the older posts, of course.)
Caroline is the sweetest, most polite, adorable child I've ever had the fortune to hear about... even though I am employed babysitting many sweethearts.
This is the post that had me laughing til tears. I have showed it to ALL of my friends. Thank you so much for sharing your little darling with the world!