Tuesday, April 7, 2009

caregiver extraordinaire

I was having a very pukey morning (thanks to the one in my womb), and Caroline discovered me doing what she at first called "pooping out of [my] mouth."

I then laid on the bed and she walked up and started patting my arm.

"Aw, you're sick Mom. 'Cause of the baby."

I am.

"It's like when the cats puke, but you puke in the toilet."


"Poor Mama. That's so awful." Complete with an armrub.

Thank you.

"You'll be ok. Let's fix you up."

Aw, you are going to take care of me?

"No, I was going to go play. But maybe someone else will come here. Bye!"


canchaser_412 said...

he he that is funny, I get such a kick outta of her

Jess said...

It makes my morning when I come into work and see a new blog entry waiting for me! I can only hope the new bub on the way will be as chatty and hilarious as Caroline.

maggiefaast said...

Actually you have to keep the babies coming..when one grows out of the funny stage you need to have a new one waiting in the wings so that we can always be amused. I love Caroline..what a character.

Marie said...

This one made me laugh out loud...actually, most of your stories do. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog! :)

piecemeal people said...

LOL! Well, it's like they say - "don't expect a grateful child." Or a sympathetic one, apparently.