Monday, May 11, 2009

conditional sense of justice

Caroline: That's bird poop on the car window.

Mama: It is. They are good at bombing cars.

C: It's very naughty to poop on a car!

M: Yes, I agree.

C: That is really, really a bad choice and naughty to poop on a car!

M: Yeah, especially if it's just been washed.

[pause of a moment or two]

C: Do birds poop on spiders?

M: Hm, I suppose it has happened, but it's probably unusual.

C: It wouldn't be naughty for a bird to poop on a spider since I don't like them one bit.


Amelia Harris said...

LOL so cute! I agree, birds could poop on all the spiders as far as I'm concerned. :)

piecemeal people said...

Let's hope she doesn't carry this logic over to things SHE doesn't like!