Friday, May 22, 2009

a grab bag of random quotes

Since I have been a bit slackerly the last few days, I will just post an assortment of kazooisms that I have been witness to recently.

Regarding dropping one of her toys down the stairs:
"Wow. That is so, so.... sososo... totally... awesomely bad!"

Regarding a door that repeatedly blew open and made her "far too chilly":
"DOOR! Stop opening! Why are you such a sneaky door?! Maybe if you weren't so sneaky, you could have more door friends."

Regarding her inner Alice:
"I understand that I can't shrink, but sometimes I wish I was small enough for my dollhouse anyway."

Regarding aging:
"I eat two letter cookies now because I am two. When I am three in a few weeks, I will eat three cookies. Being three will be nice and fun."

Regarding duh:
"Mom! [gasp] Our heads can rotate on our necks."

Regarding double duh:
"I really like to talk to myself."


Anonymous said...

ha! I can't wait to have kids!

piecemeal people said...

Mary - they aren't all like this one. I don't know many two-year-olds who are familiar with the word "rotate." :)