Wednesday, May 27, 2009


While walking around the house "hmming" and looking for her pony:

"Mama, have you seen my pony Dash? It's a toy pony, not a real one. It kind of fits in your hand. And it has a mane and tail like ponies do. It's an animal, a pony. And it's shaped sort of like a pony..."

2 minutes later, growing more frustrated:

"It's not really shaped like a bird. She doesn't have a beak or feathers..."

5 minutes later, giving up:

"And this pony must be a magician that is shaped like a pony because she totally disappeared. And it is kind of awesome that she is a magician that is a pony."


Cory Jill Syd and Brenna said...

Are we talking a full fledged My Little Pony Rainbow Dash? Tsk. Tsk! Hahahaha. Because if we are, I knew you'd eventually cave to the cheese.

Jennifer said...

I'm so weak. One hands-folded "please please please" when she's being a total sweetheart and helper... and that's how we got Scootaloo. Then Rainbow Dash. I hear rumors that she's getting a Pinkie Pie party set thing for her birthday this weekend.

That said, I'm holding out on the ones that have glitter and stuff. Like the pegasus and unicorn. However, if she starts to use the toilet, I would not only buy her those, I'd get glitter ponies tattooed on my face.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with ponies.