Tuesday, May 19, 2009

morning routine

One side of the dialogue heard while enduring the terribleness that is known as getting dressed:

"No, I really don't want that."
"Alright, this dress, but no sweater."
"No sweater!!"
"I'll wear a sweater tomorrow!"
"Wow, I look like an imaginary princess!!!"
"Catch me, Mama! I'm a princesssssss!"
"Get the hair off my band-aid, please! Help! Princesses don't like hair on their band-aids!"
"No, no clippie."
"I don't want to pick a clippie."
"Just cut my hair off instead."
"Ok, but two clippies."
"I threw the clippies down the stairs because I was a little grumpy."
"I don't want to brush my teeth."
"I don't want to stop brushing my teeth."
"Yes, I look nice, but I'm NOT showing Daddy."
"I am going to cover my clippie with my hand because I don't want it and don't like it."
"Hold on, I have to spin in the mirror."
"Guys, I need the mirror in privacy. Spinning is private."


amy said...

oh my god, i love your girl! she cracks me up! thanks for sharing her.

piecemeal people said...

All's well that ends well, I suppose... ;)

Mary said...

ha! So cute!